About Us

Natalie Sillery, the owner of Saratoga Trunk, combines a strong entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for fine women’s fashions.

When she first opened Saratoga Trunk in 1995, Natalie Sillery had high hopes for the enterprise, of course.  But she never envisioned that it would grow so quickly and earn such a far-flung reputation. The intimate retail boutique on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, New York, which carries all things Kay Unger (as well as myriad hats and a select line of women’s designer clothing and accessories in the back room), may be small; but its success belies its size.

Besides outfitting some of the most fashionable women in the world, the shop is well known throughout New York’s capital region for its involvement in charitable causes. And the fashion shows, trunk shows, and hat shows that Natalie’s shop sponsors throughout the year are practically legendary for their professionalism, their originality, and the excitement they spark among all who attend.

Natalie has always had a flair for fashion. However, her background is in psychology, philosophy, and marketing; and before opening Saratoga Trunk, she had no direct retail sales experience whatsoever.

Nevertheless, armed only with a vision, a business plan, and an intense determination to succeed in her new venture, she hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back since. Yes, success has come to Natalie’s enterprise, by dint of hard work, and by offering high-quality products backed by excellent customer service. But like its literary namesake (see sidebar), this little shop on Broadway isn’t just about making your way in the world — but doing it on your own terms. And the story of Saratoga Trunk’s rise to fame can be summed up in a few words that are usually reserved for books and movies: melodrama, romance, peril, passion, and adventure.

From the soberest drab to the high-flaming
scarlet, spiritual idiosyncrasies unfold
themselves in choice of Colour: if the Cut
betoken Intellect and Talent, so does
the Colour betoken Temper and Heart.”
— Thomas Carlyle,Sartor Resartus