Christine A. Moore Millinery

Elegance, unique design and comfort are what Christine A. Moore Millinery is about. Her hats are sized at 22 1/2“, which is the average headsize these days. Each hat has a drawstring in the grosgrain to adjust the size for individual fit. This added feature was invented and tested by Christine in 1994 to ensure that all her hats fit the unique size of each person.

Each hat is lined. This finishing touch adds quality to the design, creating a comfortable hat to wear as well as protecting the hat from wear. Hat linings help to reduce the effect of “hat hair”. Many of the hats are designed with short back brims. This makes the hats easier to wear while driving and traveling by public transportation.

It is very important to Christine that her designs are light in weight. Most of the hats are made with flexible edging. Strong enough to keep the shape, but light and flexible making the hats more durable and resilient, as well as having an all around softer (and thus wearable) feel. As far as being packable, the casual styles can certainly be packed in a tote bag. We discourage wearers from packing any hat in a suitcase for long periods of time, however Christine A. Moore Millinery is known for her finishing work and attention to detail. All flowers are handmade and unique to her design. Each hat is individually made with great care.

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