John Paul Ataker

The Ataker family is a large close-knit family, and each member is part of the business in some aspect. In 1970, the Ataker family started a tailoring business. The craftsmanship and skills were done with such perfection that well-known designers/brands in Europe contracted the family for tailoring. As established tailors, the Atakers decided to venture in to other parts of the fashion world. With talented designers in the family, they began creating and designing their own fabrics and named the business, Nimet Ataker Textile. These unique, distinguished, great quality textiles have made Nimet Ataker Textile one of the most noteworthy wholesale manufacturers in Europe.

In 2012, the John Paul Ataker line was created in the United States.The gowns and dresses of John Paul Ataker are a collaboration of exquisite fabrics and incredible design; the pieces are manufactured in Europe and then shipped to New York Showroom.

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