Kinross Cashmere

Kinross cashmere fibers are spun, dyed and knit into garments close to the source in our their specially customized mills. They adhere to the strict Scottish cashmere production standards demanded by their heritage as a cashmere company.

Fibers are dyed before they are spun to ensure deepest color. Each final dip of color is individually approved by the eye of our executive designer.

Mill water filtration is modified specifically to replicate soft Scottish water for finishing garments.

No machine is as sensitive as human touch and human sight. From combing of the goats to knitting frame operation, our cashmere garments are made by hand. Yarn tension and garment shape are monitored by feel to adhere to our Scottish standards for sturdiness. Knitted panels and seams are sewn by hand to finish the garment and to assure quality.

Because of their Scottish quality standards, a Kinross garment will actually improve with wear and washing, hold its shape and resist pilling longer than other cashmere garments.

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